Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

What are 7 Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

Whether you’re planning a weekend hike or a month-long backpacking trip, you’ll need a place to store and carry your clothes, food, and gear on the trails. There are so many best hiking backpacks for women available, it can be overwhelming to choose one that best suits your needs and preferences on the trails. We’re going to talk about the features and specs that are important for a good hiking backpack for women. Best of all, this guide will help you find a hiking backpack for women that is suitable for your body type and comfort level. Women’s hiking backpacks are a popular piece of outdoor gear for women.

The Best Hiking Backpack for Women.  Don’t let the name fool you. The Best Hiking Backpack for Women is made out of a variety of fabrics and materials, so you can carry your belongings comfortably in a variety of situations. They are durable, offer excellent ventilation, and have plenty of pockets for organizing your gear.

Congratulations to all of you who read our review of the best hiking backpacks for women. After reviewing a large number of hiking backpacks, we have come up with a list of 7 best hiking backpacks for women. The world of backpacking is evolving, and the best hiking backpacks for women that we reviewed in our article are just part of it. There are a lot of factors that come into play when selecting an appropriate hiking backpack for women.

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TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack with Free 2-Liter water bladder

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

A compact, lightweight backpack that is easy to carry yet provides maximum storage capacity for your gear. The Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack with Free 2-Liter water bladder is perfect for hiking, running, cycling or commuting.
The pack adjusts to fit all frames comfortably and notched foam stabilizer and mesh covering means you can wear this pack for hours without any issues.
With a total storage capacity of 18 liters and a 2-liter water bladder included in the price, you have everything you need on your next adventure!

Travel Backpack or Hiking Backpack

For all the women who are looking for a backpack for hiking, before buying the right backpack, it is very important to know the difference between travel and hiking backpacks for women. A travel bag is a bag-suitcase hybrid with a suitcase-like zipped side panel. Hiking bags are the most common cylindrical top loading bag with straps, clips, and cap.

Some people are of the opinion that hiking bags are only suitable for rural areas and there is no space for backpackers in them, I do not agree with that. What works for you ultimately comes down to personal preferences and travel style. Travel bags are ideal for easy and organized access to luggage and transportation from one hostel to another. They also work well for short trips or as bags.

On the other hand, for female who are probably camping or hiking in their travel plans, may want to consider best hiking backpacks for women. Hiking bags are designed for comfort, proper weight distribution and strength. Unlike travel bags, hiking backpacks will have upgrades such as full size hip belts, shoulder and back suspension systems and more cargo straps to reduce discomfort. Well, the top-to-bottom packaging isn’t so easy to access your gear, but it’s part of the package for proper weight distribution. A good deal would be to get a hiking bag with access to side loading.

How long is your trip

Since here we are looking for some good about the best hiking backpacks for women. So first of all you have to keep in mind that the capacity of your pack and the total weight will vary depending on the length of your trip. Short trips require less space, and longer trips usually require more. But remember that the bigger the package, the heavier it will be, so you have to choose your backpacks accordingly.

What Type of Activities will you do

I personally feel that one bag can rule them all because I usually use my pack for everything. However, this may not be the case for everyone.

Knowing what kind of activity you will be doing will go a long way in helping you select the perfect backpack. If you are not planning to carry it much, consider a normal day travel backpack or even a wheeled bag.

However, if you find yourself traveling long distances with your age group, especially women, hiking backpacks may be more appropriate. Like me, if you like to be prepared for any kind of unplanned activity, then in such a situation there is more inclination towards backpack for hiking. Also, hiking bags are usually made a little stiffer, so keep in mind that the harder the activity, the greater the pressure on the bag.

What’s the difference between hiking backpacks for women and men?

Many gear manufacturers in the market at present have become very smart and comprehensive with regard to their products. As a result, manufacturers have begun making backpacks for women, taking into account their body dimensions and features.

Although there are a large number of women who like hiking and other such outdoor activities like men, they may also be in dire need of backpacks.

So, women’s backpacks you will find with some of these options, which accommodate short stature, wide hips / chest areas and keep in mind the center of gravity of women.

For women, the straps in the backpack are slightly curved and offer a high waist strap. If there is one in the pack, the height of the frame is often a little smaller than in the men’s pack. Often (but not always), women’s packs are slightly smaller in size than men’s. Finally, products specific to women often come in bright colors and have more styling options to choose from.

What are the essentials of hiking backpacks for women?

For school, shopping, travel and even hiking, you will find different types of backpacks in the market at this time. All these backpacks are as different in functionality as they are in appearance. You will also find bags with the most bells and whistles in the more expensive models. But one thing you have to look at anyway is your hiking needs, that is, for women to get the best backpacks for themselves, they must first decide what kind of travel you like.

It is important for women to have water resistant qualities in their hiking backpacks

As a woman, it is very important that your hiking bag is strong and waterproof. Because if you plan to go to a mountainous place away from home then in such a situation you may face any kind of weather on the way. Especially heavy rain, if your backpack may not be completely waterproof. This means that if it is completely submerged in the rain, or you get stuck in the torrential rain, your clothes and belongings will get wet. This way you will not be able to enjoy the purpose of your hiking.

That’s why it’s important for your backpack to be waterproof. Although most backpacks now come with a rain cover, you’ll want them to be made of hard, rear-proof, and lightweight silicone-coated nylon or corduroy material that allows rain or water to seep in, Does not get wet

Heavy-duty Lockable Zippers

The zip of hiking backpacks used by both men and women is as strong as the rest of its accessories, the sewing and the fabric. Because, no matter how good the material of the bag is, if the attachment points, like zippers, are weak then the whole bag is useless. So when buying backpacks make sure the zippers are tight and applicable wherever they are used.

Lightweight Internal Frame

Backpacks usually come with inner frame, outer frame, or even frame at all. For hiking, especially for women, I strongly recommend lightweight inner frame backpacks made of strong carbon fiber bars, as it provides more load support on up and down routes and only looks better. The use of inner frame backpacks allows you to better distribute your load appropriately, which is perfect for hiking purposes.

Outer frames are large, prominent, and use state-of-the-art technology, and frameless backpacks carry terrific load support at high weights. Trust me, without proper weight distribution, your shoulders will feel each of these pounds.

Hiking backpacks with side load access

If you find side-accessible backpacks for hiking, you are one of the lucky women. Because often new backpacks are minimizing this function. But if you find someone with access to the side, then you have found the best. This way, while hiking, you will be able to access items from the main compartment of the bag without having to dig up. Your life will just get easier.

Pockets and Compartments

Like any other backpack, hiking backpacks have as many compartments as they can because women can easily carry their belongings in them and in an accessible place.

A good backpack usually has several compartments to help you store and separate your gear so you don’t have to sift through layers of clothing to find your cheap stick. For example, maps can go to the flap above, while your flip flops are easily stored in the side pocket. However you decide to pack, the separate pockets allow easy and quick access to your gear. Mostly best hiking backpacks for women will also have strategically placed pockets, such as a hip belt, so you can reach your gear without leaving your pack.

Women choose hiking backpacks with ventilation for themselves

Hiking and other such activities can often cause you to deal with annoying sweating. In such cases, to deal with this kind of bad situation and to reduce the discomfort caused by sweating in the back, get a ventilation bag.

Most interior frame packs have some kind of ventilation system or design feature that promotes air flow, creating a permanent breathable layer between yourself and the bag. Although not necessarily for load support, it definitely increases your comfort level.

Multiple straps and tool attachment points in any hiking backpack

This feature is a personal preference and doesn’t really affect comfort and load distribution but I think it’s just as important. I like the idea of ​​having extra straps, clips and tool attachment points. You’re able to perform on-the-fly spot fixes for a variety of unforeseen situations, making your bag work just like a bag. You are able to tie, hook and rub things on the road without having to carry extra luggage. Some backpacks have begun to incorporate “daisy chains” (usually found on climbing packs), a series of tool attachment loops.

Padded full size hip belt

This is probably the most important feature of any backpack for women as your hips will be carrying 80% of the weight of your bag. Because the body characteristics of a man and a woman are very different. Women should look for hiking backpacks for themselves considering their chest and beauty.

Suspension system with padded shoulders and load bearing strips

Don’t even consider buying a bag unless it has an adjustable or fixed suspension system with a load-bearing strap. The suspension system is the part that usually rests on your back and where the padded shoulders connect.

The fixed system means that it fits the size of a torso, while the adjusting system can be calibrated. The whole system aims to help stabilize the load and move the weight on your hips.

In such hiking backpacks for women, load-bearing straps during hiking, like sternum straps, will also help women to move weights to reduce pain and discomfort.

You must have a water bottle in your backpack

An indoor compartment with your favorite hydration bladder, so you have hands-free access to water. Opening on the bag will give you access to the sip tube which is a very practical feature during your long journey. You don’t have to dig into your pack or slow down to find your water bottle.

What size bag do you need?

To me this question is unimportant because it all depends on your hiking trip and its duration and the weather that occurs during it.

For example, if the weather is bad and usually colder, the ability to store more things will be required. And the greater the capacity to hold things, the greater the total weight. So the best advice is to find a bag that fits you comfortably, and pack only what you need and that fits.

Below are some important tips, which will be very useful for women during the selection of hiking backpacks.

Tips For Selecting a New Hiking Backpack for women

When you are planning to buy a hiking bag, then you should realize that these bags are not produced equally. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one that fits your needs and requirements. This entails smart shopping, research and time. Here are some helpful reminders when selecting a hiking backpack.

Women should take care of their needs when shopping for hiking backpacks

There is a wide array of best hiking backpacks for women available in the market for men or women. They come in different materials, sizes and designs. Therefore, before buying one, you should consider your activities in which you intend to use this backpack.

Different bags will be used for someone going on long trips and for someone going for just a couple of hours hiking. For shorter trips, it is best if you will use a bag that can carry some food, water and first aid kit.

On the other hand, if you are going on a longer trip, say overnight on a camp, then you will need a huge space for more water and food as well as a sleeping bag or tent. However, if you are going for a trip that is out of town, then you will need a larger bag that can carry all of the above mentioned and some clothing, maps, cooking utensils and other thing for survival. You just have to assess all the things that you will bring before buying a hiking backpack for women.

Choose a comfortable and durable backpack for yourself

No matter what type of backpack you intend to buy for hiking trip as a woman, you have to consider also if it is comfortable for you. Your main concern is to enjoy the hiking or camping trip without worrying your heavy hiking bag. Also, you don’t want a backpack that is destroyed in the middle of the trip.


The price of these bags varies on the material, durability and size. If you are beginner in this field, you can purchase the least expensive but sturdy ones. For a while, you can start trying for other hiking bags that will give you more comfort and will meet all your requirements. Your bag doesn’t have to be too expensive as long as it can carry all your stuffs.

Buy hiking backpacks according to your gender

When buying a hiking bag, you should also think that these backpacks are made differently for every gender (men or women). Meaning, there are bags meant for women and there are some that are made for men. This is because the center of balance for men varies than that of women. Also, the shapes of the torsos are also different for each gender. Thus, it is really important to take this into account so that every hiker will have a safe travel.

If you take these tips into consideration, ponder about them and then make a certain decision, then you will surely end up with a hiking backpack for women that will meet your goals and aims in your hiking and camping adventure.

7 The Best Hiking Backpacks for Women for Adventures

1. Teton Sports Scout Internal Frame hiking Backpack for women

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

Customer reviews

The Teton Sports Women’s 2-4 Day Hiking Backpack is an excellent choice for women who want to take their outdoor adventures up a notch. This pack is designed with comfort in mind, offering women the opportunity to customize the fit of this backpack to their body type. This pack comes with a wide range of options, offering you the freedom to make your backpack truly unique. One of the most popular features on this backpack is the multi-position torso adjustment. Adjusting this backpack feature allows you to move more freely when hiking and allows for a more comfortable fit.

The adjustable back panel on this pack provides added comfort for women looking for a more snug fit. The large main compartment on this backpack offers plenty of space for all your gear. Plus, the two front pockets provide a place to store smaller items that you may need during your adventures. The storage sleeves at the top of the backpack offer another place to store items while adding an extra layer of protection from weather and debris.

2. Teton The Perfect Backpack for Hiking with Free 2-Liter Water Bladder

Customer reviews

Designed with women in mind, the Teton Hydration Pack boasts all the functionality of a hydration pack including a water reservoir, bladder sleeve, and reflective strip for added safety on the trail. With a full-width zipper and total adjustability, the Teton sports hydration pack has everything you need to get through the day or overnight excursion. The pack features a notched foam stabilizer that holds your phone and other electronics. This pack also features an adjustable shoulder strap and durable water bottle pockets.

The top of the back panel is mesh so you can breath easy and comfortably when loaded down. The main portion of the pack has a secure measurement of 20 liter, this is ideal for all your outdoor trips and it helps you keep your hands free. The pack also features a front pocket, side pockets and an attached waist belt which helps you provide excellent stability while hiking and when you are moving around. This pack is made from durable quality materials and it comes in an attractive design.

3. TETON Sports Explorer Backpack Full Internal Frame – Adjustable Backpacking Travel Gear

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

Customer reviews

TETON Sports Explorer Backpack is a lightweight, comfortable, and versatile backpack that’s built for the outdoor adventures. The generously sized main compartment provides ample storage for all of your gear and accessories. A wide range of adjustment makes it easy to fit the pack on nearly any torso. The internal frame lets you carry heavy loads comfortably without sacrificing comfort.

Comfortable padded straps and an adjustable sternum strap keep you hiking comfortably and securely. Durable, water-resistant 600D polyester fabric resists odor-causing bacteria and stains from accumulating in the backpack. This backpack has many extra convenient features to make carrying it easy and comfortable. External zippered pockets store small items, while the reinforced grab handle on top provides a stable grip when lifting the bag to your shoulder or transferring it between bikes.

4. Sling Pack for Hiking, Camping

Customer reviews

With this crossbody sling pack, you can carry your essentials on the go. The main section features two pockets for all of your daily essentials, while the outside features a zipped pocket for valuables. The canvas is tightly woven, ensuring it resists stretching or pilling. This is a must have for all women who like to travel light and are looking for the best crossbody bag for women. Whatever events you are attending, you can feel comfortable and relaxed with this sling pack backpack.

5. TETON Sports Explorer Backpack Full Internal Frame

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

Customer reviews

Looking for a durable, light-weight and fashionable hydration hiking backpacks for women? Look no further as this backpack has everything that you need. Perfect for hiking, backpacking, and travel, it’s an ideal companion for outdoor activities. Includes 3 storage compartments, a padded shoulder strap, breathable system and lightweight design. With a rugged shell and durable water bottle pocket with insulated fibers, you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable weather on the trails.

6. MOUNTAINTOP 70L/75L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack for Men Women with Rain Cover

Customer reviews

The best way to carry a sleeping bag is with this comfortable Hiking Backpack, which features a spacious main compartment for your gear, as well as two front zippered pockets for quick access to water bottles. The spacious main compartment has a convenient opening at the bottom and can be accessed from both the top and the sides of the bag. Re-enforced with 210D nylon, it is equipped with adjustable hip-belt that helps distribute the weight evenly, while the padded shoulder straps provide maximum comfort. The adjustable sternum strap keeps the load secure. Whether you are going on an overnight backpacking trip or an overnight camping adventure, you can enjoy your trip with ease and comfort..

7. Osprey Aura AG 65 Best Hiking Backpacks for Women

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women

Customer reviews

This is one of the best hiking backpacks for women available in the market at present. With its high-grade materials and rigorous construction, you can expect it to last for years. It is comfortable to carry, easy to adjust and features many pockets where you can keep small essentials.

Osprey Aura AG 65 hiking backpack has all the features that are required for a perfect day hike or a weekend trip. Plus, with its water-resistance feature, it will be able to handle all weather conditions! Osprey carries themselves as experts in outdoor gear crafting quality products that are built to last.

If you want something new in bagging your day hikes, then check out this amazing piece of equipment from Osprey!


When women are hiking, having the right pack on their backs can make the difference between having a good time outside and a lot of annoyance or discomfort. But of course choosing the right hiking backpack for women can be quite difficult at a time when there are countless types of backpacks on the market. Because your personal needs will vary depending on the environment and climate. At the same time, your packing habits and body type are completely different from other people.

Often a backpack looks great hanging on one’s shoulder or back, but when packed with all your belongings, it offers a dramatically different experience. And while we may generally agree that we need a pack that performs well in our outdoor outings. In addition, we often prefer products that do not affect our bank accounts. We hope this review provides valuable insights as you search and select one of the best hiking backpacks for women in the market for your trip.

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