Best Laptop Backpacks For Travel-Reviews 2022

Travel Smarter, Not Heavier: The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Laptop Backpacks in 2024

Of course, the demand for the best laptop backpacks for travel has been steadily increasing over the last few years.

The reason is really simple.

To me, our laptop is an important electronic gadget that plays a major role in our daily lives nowadays. Some use it for business purposes, some for recreational activities, while a large number of people use laptops for both purposes. However, the best thing is that we can carry our laptop in our backpack anytime, anywhere on our trip, college trip or hiking.

Embarking on a journey, whether for business or leisure, demands a reliable companion to safeguard and organize our indispensable technological counterparts. In the fast-evolving realm of travel technology, the right laptop backpack can be the linchpin between chaos and seamless mobility. From durable materials to intelligent compartmentalization, the market is replete with options promising to be the ultimate travel companion.

As we navigate the expansive landscape of laptop backpacks, this comprehensive guide aims to unravel the intricacies of the best options available, shedding light on features that blend style, functionality, and durability for a harmonious synergy with the demands of modern travel. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a business professional, or an avid explorer, choosing the right laptop backpack can elevate your travel experience to new heights, ensuring your devices are not only secure but also effortlessly integrated into your on-the-go lifestyle.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Women Business Travel

Don’t you worry! That is why I am here with you. Below is a comparison paragraph of the Best Laptop Backpack for Travel that will give you all the basic but essential information you need to make the best choice for your next laptop backpack.

7 Best Laptop Backpacks For Travel

1. Targus Legend IQ best backpack for travel and laptop

best laptop backpacks for travel

Customer reviews

With so many pockets and compartments to keep your stuff organized, there’s no need to pack a dozen different bags. The Targus Legend IQ Backpack is perfect for business professionals and college students alike, with durable materials and an array of pockets to hold all of your belongings. It’s also adjustable, so you can use it as a sling bag or wear it on your back like a backpack.

We know that when you’re investing in something that will last for years, you want the best quality possible. That’s why we only sell products from trusted brands like Targus. Not only do they carry products that are built to last, but their warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship for at least 3 years!

2. Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Best Laptop Backpack for Travel with Multiple Pockets

best laptop backpacks for travel

Customer reviews

Going through security checkpoints at the airport can be stressful, but with a little preparation and planning you can make it as easy as possible. With Targus’s CitySmart business commuter backpack, you won’t have to worry about getting weighed down or having your luggage searched unnecessarily.

The bag has been designed with the needs of frequent travelers in mind, so whether you’re headed across the country for a business trip or just want to travel light, this best backpack for travel and laptop is perfect for carrying all your essentials without weighing you down. Plus, thanks to its checkpoint-friendly design and multiple pockets, you’ll never leave home without your laptop again!

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Commuter Slim & best laptop Backpack for travel

Customer reviews

Get your life organized on the go with Kenneth Cole Reaction’s Manhattan Commuter Backpack. With its roomy compartments and organizational features, this bag will help you stay on top of your busy schedule. Plus, it comes with a 15-inch laptop sleeve for added protection during daily commutes.

Featuring sleek black and brown design, this best laptop backpack for travel is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It also features soft leather interior for extra comfort, which means that you can enjoy all-day use without compromises.

4. MATEIN Extra Large bag, 17 Inch best backpack for travel and laptop

best laptop backpacks for travel

Customer reviews

MATEIN is a perfect companion for your every-day life. These MATEIN backpacks are made with special technology that ensures maximum laptop coverage, and also provides extra space for your daily essentials. With so many stylish designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. From casual to business attire, there’s a backpack for every occasion! And because MATEIN products are TSA-friendly, you can rest easy knowing your personal items are safe while traveling. Why wait? Start packing those backpacks today!

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s laptop backpack

Customer reviews

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea 15″ Laptop Bag Computer Bookbag for Work, School, College, Nurse, Travel Daypack Purse Backpack, Black. Designed to accommodate your laptop or tablet while on the go|With a separate padded tech pocket that fits most laptops with up to a 15-inch screen and the ability to hold up to 14-in. laptops or 13-in.

MacBook/Laptop models, you’ll be able to easily stay connected and productive wherever you are. Plus thanks to its spacious main compartment and front exterior organizer features an extensive business organizer for all your needed essentials|Whether you’re commuting or traveling for work, this backpack is perfect for every situation|So why wait any longer? Order your Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea 15″ Laptop Bag today!

6. SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

Boasting that all-in-one organization solution, the Best Laptop Backpack for Travel 1900 Scansmart TSA 17″ Laptop bag is a smart way to carry everything you need while traveling. Enhanced laptop compartment provides extra room for your laptop and tablet, while RFID-protected organizer compartment allows you access to important items like keys and a passport. Exterior pockets provide additional storage options so you can stay organized no matter where your travels take you. Plus, the trolley strap makes it easy to hang or wear when you’re on the go!

7. Tzowla best backpack for travel and laptop

Customer reviews

Like every woman or girl, you want to look stylishly while carrying your laptop and accessories. Yes, we all want our bag to be fashionable too! Tzowla Travel has designed a backpack that’s perfect for both work and play. With anti-theft features like water resistance and lockable compartments, this bag is perfect for the busy girl on the go. Not only does it look great, but it’s also built to last so you can rely on it for years.

Pick up a Tzowla backpack today and start looking professional no matter where you are!

How to Pick Up the Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel that You Need

So, hopefully by now, you have a better idea of ​​the best products on the market right now (i.e. travel backpacks for laptop). But before you consider buying anything from the list above, I have to be honest: choosing the right one is not easy for you. I mean, you have to keep your needs in mind when choosing the best backpack for travel and laptop for your next business trip, college trip.

There are still many factors involved in choosing a fitting bag. To help you make your decision much easier, I will share with you some tips and my personal experience when it comes to choosing the best travel backpacks for laptops (bags). Keep these things in mind and you will be happy and satisfied using your new laptop bag for years to come.

Does It Fit Your Laptop?

Well, its main purpose is to carry your laptop after all. Even though that fact is really obvious but you must have seen people put their laptop in an oversized bag or even damage their bag because the size does not fit. Remember, the best one for you should perfectly fit your laptop.

So if you don’t want to put yourself in that kind of situations, you should take time choosing the right size for your laptop. It’s really easy,you just have to measure your laptop by its diagonal screen or even do a simple search on the internet to find out about your laptop size.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve already shared a picture here for your convenience, so that you can see which is the best bag that is not only of the best quality that every Someone likes it, but it also fits your precious laptop.

Do You Need to Carry Other Things beside Your Laptop with You?

If you just want to buy a backpack that can carry your laptop with a few cables, a cheap one is enough for you. But if you are a person who wants to bring everything with you after going on a business trip: pens, notebooks, iPods, and other essentials that you need, then you need extra slots and Buying with specially designed compartments needs to be considered. And we can’t talk about multi-compartment design products without mentioning Swissgear and Targus, two of the industry’s most experienced manufacturers.

Is it Convenient to Carry Around?

When you have to travel long distances to reach your destination, you will definitely see the benefits of choosing the best laptop bag for you.

You need to find those with shoulder straps that will not only reduce your back and shoulder strain but will also help you maintain good posture.

If that’s not enough and you’re looking to enjoy your trip to the fullest with strong padding along the shoulder straps and extra layers of foam, then North Face and OGIO are your go-to brands!

Will It Keep Your Laptop Safe and Secure?

Of course, none of us ever want a broken laptop. So if you don’t want your laptop to break while moving around. So for that, you should check if there is any special protection in the bag for your valuable device.

If you encounter the worst situations while traveling, backpacks foam padding or compressed air is an ideal protection for your laptop. Which you should take care of when choosing the best bag for you as it will protect your laptop from harsh effects.

Is your Laptop Backpacks For Travel waterproof?

Traveling makes you vulnerable to bad weather, and after the rain something falls or you drop your bag into a ditch, there is nothing you want to do but sometimes you can’t help it.

Can do So whenever you decide to buy backpacks for yourself, make sure that it is water proof so that your laptop and belongings inside can be protected from any kind of damage while traveling.

Does it Look Stylish?

After considering all the important factors, now you can find the best laptop backpacks that meet your travel needs and also look good. You may want to look for the best look that suits your tastes but in my personal experience, you should also consider the environment in which you are.

Your move

I hope that with my suggestions, you can choose the best travel laptop backpack for yourself. If you haven’t found anything that suits your tastes, feel free to check out this page, I hope you find a great product for yourself.

What kind of backpack would you choose?

Now that you’ve read my review of the best Laptop Backpacks For Travel. Have you decided which one is best for you? If you are still confused at the moment, let me tell you some of my personal experiences.

Go for products from well-known brands

The next thing you should keep in mind is: Always buy products from well-known brands. There are a bunch of backpack brands for you to choose from, so don’t buy products from some cheap brands that might save you some money but ruin your experience altogether.

Read some other people reviews on the product

Money does not grow on trees. So I have another simple tip for you when it comes to buying Best Laptop Backpack for Travel, you should read the reviews on the internet carefully. It should not only give you a general idea of how the bag works in real life, but also what to expect when buying the product and if it is right for you. Or maybe you can check out some of the best bag reviews to learn more about your favorite product!

Quality over style

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying a backpack for your laptop is quality. It may have the best colors, designs all over the world and you love it but still, the main purpose of backpacks is to help us move our laptop from one place to another in our journey without any hassle. .

I’ve made some mistakes here and there too, I bought my first laptop rucksack 4 years ago when I entered my university. I like the cool design of my laptop backpack and it is also black, which is my favorite color but unfortunately it exploded after 3 months, because I had to travel long distance from home to university. So remember, first quality – style comes later.

Still Haven’t Found A Suitable Backpack For You?

If so, we have some good news for you! I also recently sat down and reviewed the best business backpacks of 2022 that provide the best protection for your laptop while traveling!

The results turned out to be really good, I was able to find a lot of good products in the market right now and I just decided to write some reviews for you guys!

What is the best backpack for laptop travel

If you want to know more then click on the link above.


You may be wondering, “Why spend so much time choosing travel laptop bags or backpacks?” It may take time for you to choose the best one, I know the struggle, but in the end it is definitely worth it. Your search will lead you to good quality and did you know that “a good quality can last a long time”.

So when you decide to buy best backpack for travel and laptop with your travel goals in mind, consider it a long term investment.

I have for you today an article on JanSport’s best laptop backpacks, which you can read from this link, and you can choose for yourself a travel backpacks that is not only beautiful but also your According to the needs of the laptop.

I think with the information given above, you now know the laptop backpacks for travel that you can enjoy using for years to come.

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