what is the biggest north face backpack

what is the biggest North Face backpack available? A Comprehensive Overview

When it comes to gearing up for outdoor adventures, having the right backpack can make all the difference. And if you’re someone who likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink, you’re probably wondering: what is the biggest North Face backpack available? Well, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll delve into the realm of North Face backpacks, exploring their sizes, features, and of course, pinpointing the behemoth among them all. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey with enough storage space to rival a small apartment, let’s dive in and uncover the answer to your backpacking prayers.

Brief overview of North Face backpacks

North Face backpacks are synonymous with quality and reliability in the outdoor gear industry. Known for their durability, versatility, and innovative features, these backpacks are the go-to choice for adventurers and travelers alike. Whether you’re embarking on a day hike, a weekend camping trip, or a multi-day expedition, North Face has a backpack designed to meet your needs. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and features available, there’s a North Face backpack for every outdoor enthusiast, ensuring you can gear up with confidence for your next adventure.

History of North Face

The history of North Face traces back to its humble beginnings in 1966 when it was founded by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth “Hap” Klopp. Initially, the company started as a small mountaineering retail store in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. It quickly gained recognition among outdoor enthusiasts for its quality equipment and gear tailored for mountaineering and climbing expeditions.

As the demand for outdoor gear grew, North Face expanded its product line beyond mountaineering equipment. In the early years, the company focused on developing innovative gear for outdoor enthusiasts, including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and apparel designed to withstand the rigors of the wilderness.

Throughout its expansion, North Face remained committed to its core values of quality, durability, and performance. Its products gained a reputation for withstanding extreme conditions, earning the trust of adventurers and explorers worldwide.

With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear technology, North Face continued to innovate and expand its offerings, cementing its position as a leader in the outdoor industry. Today, North Face is recognized as a global brand synonymous with adventure, exploration, and the spirit of the outdoors.

North Face Backpacks: A Comprehensive Overview


North Face backpacks are renowned for their durability, functionality, and innovative design. With a wide range of types and sizes available, there’s a North Face backpack to suit every outdoor adventure, from day hikes to extended expeditions. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll explore the different types and sizes of North Face backpacks, helping you find the perfect pack for your next adventure.

Different Types of North Face Backpacks

1. Daypacks

Daypacks are lightweight and compact backpacks designed for short hikes, day trips, or everyday use. They typically have smaller capacities ranging from 20 to 30 liters, making them ideal for carrying essentials like water bottles, snacks, and extra layers.

2. Hiking Backpacks

Hiking backpacks are versatile packs designed for day hikes or overnight trips. They offer larger capacities than daypacks, usually ranging from 30 to 50 liters, and feature additional storage compartments for gear, clothing, and supplies. Hiking backpacks often include features like hydration compatibility, adjustable straps, and padded back panels for comfort on the trail.

3. Backpacking Backpacks

Backpacking backpacks are built for multi-day adventures or extended expeditions into the wilderness. They have the largest capacities, typically ranging from 50 to 70 liters or more, allowing you to carry everything you need for several days on the trail. Backpacking backpacks are equipped with features like adjustable suspension systems, reinforced frames, and multiple access points for easy packing and organization.

4. Travel Backpacks

Travel backpacks are designed for globetrotters and adventurers who need a versatile pack for exploring cities, navigating airports, or embarking on backpacking trips abroad. They often feature a combination of hiking and travel features, such as large capacities, multiple compartments, and carry-on compatibility. Travel backpacks come in various sizes to accommodate different travel styles and packing preferences.

Different Sizes of North Face Backpacks

Small (20-30 Liters)

Small North Face backpacks, typically ranging from 20 to 30 liters, are perfect for short hikes, day trips, or commuting. They offer enough storage space for essentials like water, snacks, a jacket, and a camera, making them ideal for lightweight adventures or everyday use.

Medium (30-50 Liters)

Medium-sized North Face backpacks, with capacities ranging from 30 to 50 liters, are suitable for day hikes, overnight trips, or weekend getaways. They provide ample storage space for gear, clothing, and supplies, making them versatile options for a wide range of outdoor activities.

Large (50-70 Liters)

Large North Face backpacks, ranging from 50 to 70 liters or more, are designed for backpacking, camping, or extended expeditions. They offer generous storage capacity for multiple days’ worth of gear and supplies, allowing you to comfortably carry everything you need for a wilderness adventure.

Extra Large (70+ Liters)

Extra-large North Face backpacks, with capacities of 70 liters or more, are reserved for serious adventurers tackling long-distance treks, mountaineering expeditions, or extended travel. These packs provide ample space for bulky gear, food, and equipment, ensuring you’re prepared for the most demanding outdoor challenges.

North Face backpacks offer a comprehensive range of options to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, from day hikers to seasoned backpackers. With different types and sizes available, you can find the perfect pack for your next adventure, whether it’s a short hike in the mountains or a month-long expedition in the wilderness.

Features of North Face Backpacks

When it comes to outdoor gear, North Face backpacks stand out for their exceptional features, which are meticulously designed to enhance durability, comfort, and storage capacity. Let’s delve into each of these features in detail:


North Face backpacks are crafted from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the toughest conditions. The brand’s commitment to durability means that its backpacks are built to last, whether you’re trekking through rugged terrain or navigating crowded airports.

what is the biggest north face backpack
  • Materials: North Face utilizes robust fabrics like nylon and polyester, known for their strength and resistance to abrasion. These materials are reinforced in high-stress areas to prevent tears and punctures, ensuring the backpack can endure years of use.
  • Stitching and Construction: The stitching on North Face backpacks is carefully executed to provide maximum strength and durability. Double stitching and bar tacking reinforce key seams, preventing unraveling and ensuring the backpack can handle heavy loads without falling apart.
  • Weather Resistance: Many North Face backpacks feature water-resistant or waterproof coatings to protect your gear from rain, snow, and moisture. This added layer of protection ensures your belongings stay dry and secure, even in inclement weather conditions.


Comfort is paramount, especially when carrying a heavy load over long distances. North Face backpacks are designed with ergonomic features to ensure a comfortable fit and minimize fatigue during extended adventures.

  • Padded Straps: The shoulder straps on North Face backpacks are padded to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on your shoulders. This prevents discomfort and chafing, allowing you to carry your pack comfortably for hours on end.
  • Adjustable Suspension Systems: Many North Face backpacks feature adjustable suspension systems that allow you to customize the fit to your body size and shape. This ensures a snug and supportive fit, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.
  • Ventilated Back Panels: Ventilated back panels promote airflow and breathability, preventing heat buildup and sweat accumulation on your back. This keeps you cool and comfortable, even during strenuous activities in warm weather.

Storage Capacity

North Face backpacks offer ample storage capacity to accommodate all your gear, clothing, and accessories for outdoor adventures of any duration. Whether you’re packing for a day hike or a multi-day expedition, there’s a North Face backpack with the right size and organization features to meet your needs.

  • Multiple Compartments: North Face backpacks feature multiple compartments and pockets to help you stay organized and access your gear easily. This allows you to separate and store items like clothing, food, electronics, and hydration systems, ensuring everything has its place.
  • Compression Straps: Compression straps on North Face backpacks allow you to cinch down your load and secure it tightly against your back. This not only prevents shifting and bouncing but also helps distribute weight evenly, improving balance and stability on the trail.
  • Hydration Compatibility: Many North Face backpacks are hydration compatible, featuring dedicated hydration sleeves or reservoir pockets for storing water bladders. This allows you to stay hydrated on the go, without having to stop and dig through your pack for a water bottle.

By prioritizing durability, comfort, and storage capacity, North Face backpacks offer the reliability and functionality you need to tackle any outdoor adventure with confidence. Whether you’re hiking, backpacking, camping, or traveling, you can trust North Face to provide a backpack that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

The biggest North Face backpack: Specifications and design

The North Face Router Everyday Laptop Backpack is indeed a versatile and spacious option in the North Face lineup, but it’s not the largest backpack they offer. The Router backpack boasts a generous 40-liter capacity, making it suitable for everyday use, work, or travel. It’s designed with several features aimed at enhancing comfort, organization, and durability.

what is the biggest north face backpack

Specifications and Design

Capacity and Size:

  • The North Face Router backpack has a 40-liter capacity, providing ample space for books, binders, laptops, and other essentials.
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ x 9″ x 21″ (31.8 cm x 22.9 cm x 53.3 cm).
  • Laptop Sleeve: Accommodates laptops up to 17 inches.

Material and Construction:

  • Water-Repellent Fabric: The backpack is constructed from water-repellent materials, offering protection against light rain and moisture.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand daily use, the Router backpack features sturdy stitching and quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Comfort and Support:

  • FlexVent Suspension System: The updated FlexVent suspension system includes articulated shoulder straps and a rounded back panel for enhanced comfort.
  • Soft-Touch Chemise Fabric: The backpack’s fabric is soft to the touch, providing a comfortable feel against your skin.
  • Sternum Strap and Waist Belt: The backpack features a sternum strap with a whistle buckle and a removable waist belt for added stability and support during wear.

Organization and Storage:

  • Large Main Compartment: The main compartment offers ample space for books, binders, and other larger items.
  • Front Compartment: Includes internal, secure-zip organization and a padded tablet sleeve for convenient storage and protection of electronics.
  • External Fleece-Lined Pocket: Perfect for storing valuables such as sunglasses or a smartphone.
  • Water Bottle Pockets: Durable pockets on the sides of the backpack provide easy access to water bottles or other hydration solutions.

Additional Features:

  • American Chiropractic Association Endorsement: The Router backpack has earned an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association for its design and comfort.
  • Reflective Details: Reflective accents enhance visibility in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety during nighttime or early morning commutes.

Tech Specs:

  • Average Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz.
  • Volume: 40 liters.

Overall, the North Face Router Everyday Laptop Backpack combines functionality, comfort, and durability to provide a reliable option for daily use, work, or travel. While it may not be the largest backpack in the North Face collection, its spacious design and thoughtful features make it a versatile choice for a variety of activities and lifestyles.

Pros and cons of owning a large North Face backpack

Owning a large North Face backpack comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, catering to different needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s explore the pros and cons of owning a large North Face backpack:


  • Ample Storage Space: Large North Face backpacks offer generous storage capacity, allowing you to carry all the gear, clothing, and supplies you need for extended outdoor adventures. This makes them ideal for multi-day hikes, camping trips, or expeditions where carrying bulky equipment is necessary.
  • Versatility: With plenty of space to spare, large North Face backpacks are versatile enough to accommodate various types of outdoor gear, from tents and sleeping bags to cooking equipment and climbing gear. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures.
  • Durability: North Face backpacks are known for their durable construction and high-quality materials, ensuring that your gear stays protected even in rugged terrain or adverse weather conditions. Large backpacks are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Comfort: Despite their size, North Face backpacks are designed with comfort in mind. Features like padded straps, adjustable suspension systems, and ventilated back panels help distribute weight evenly and reduce strain on your shoulders and back, ensuring a comfortable carrying experience, even when fully loaded.
  • Organization: Large North Face backpacks often come with multiple compartments, pockets, and organization features, allowing you to keep your gear neatly organized and easily accessible. This makes it easier to find what you need without having to rummage through your pack.


  • Weight: The main drawback of owning a large North Face backpack is its weight, especially when fully loaded. Carrying a heavy pack for extended periods can be physically demanding and may lead to fatigue or discomfort, particularly on long hikes or treks.
  • Bulkiness: Large backpacks can be bulky and cumbersome, making them less suitable for activities that require agility or maneuverability, such as rock climbing or trail running. They may also pose challenges when navigating through tight spaces or crowded trails.
  • Limited Use: While large North Face backpacks excel in providing ample storage space for extended trips, they may be overkill for shorter outings or day hikes where you only need to carry essentials. In such cases, a smaller, more lightweight pack may be more practical and efficient.
  • Cost: Large North Face backpacks often come with a higher price tag compared to smaller models, reflecting their larger size and additional features. This may deter budget-conscious buyers or those who don’t require the extra storage capacity.
  • Storage Concerns: Lastly, storing a large backpack when not in use can be a challenge, especially for those with limited space at home or in their vehicle. Finding adequate storage solutions for a bulky backpack may require some creativity and space management.

In short, owning a large North Face backpack offers the advantage of ample storage space, versatility, durability, comfort, and organization, making it an excellent choice for extended outdoor adventures. However, it’s essential to consider factors like weight, bulkiness, limited use, cost, and storage concerns before investing in a large backpack to ensure it aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Who should consider buying the biggest North Face backpack?

The biggest North Face backpack is best suited for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who embark on extended trips or expeditions that require carrying a significant amount of gear and supplies. Specifically, the following individuals should consider buying the biggest North Face backpack:

Multi-Day Hikers:

Hikers planning multi-day treks or backpacking trips through remote wilderness areas can benefit from the ample storage space provided by the biggest North Face backpack. It allows them to carry all the necessary equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, and food supplies, for extended periods in the backcountry.


Campers who prefer to bring along their own gear and equipment for camping trips will appreciate the spaciousness of the biggest North Face backpack. It provides room for larger items like camping stoves, coolers, chairs, and other essentials, ensuring they have everything they need for a comfortable outdoor experience.


Mountaineers tackling high-altitude peaks or technical climbs often require specialized gear and equipment, such as ropes, harnesses, crampons, and ice axes. The biggest North Face backpack offers enough storage capacity to accommodate these bulky items, making it an excellent choice for mountaineering expeditions.

Expedition Leaders:

Leaders of outdoor expeditions, whether for research, exploration, or adventure travel, often need to carry additional supplies for their team members. The biggest North Face backpack provides ample space for group gear, medical kits, communication devices, and other essential equipment required for leading successful expeditions.

Photographers and Filmmakers:

Photographers and filmmakers undertaking outdoor photography or filming projects may need to transport bulky camera gear, tripods, drones, and other equipment to capture stunning footage in remote locations. The biggest North Face backpack offers sufficient storage capacity to safely carry and protect expensive camera equipment during outdoor shoots.


Travelers embarking on long-term trips or backpacking adventures around the world can benefit from the large storage capacity of the biggest North Face backpack. It allows them to pack clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other travel essentials for extended periods on the road, offering convenience and versatility during their travels.

In addition, individuals who require ample storage space for gear, equipment, and supplies during extended outdoor adventures, expeditions, or travel should consider purchasing the biggest North Face backpack. Its spacious design, durability, and organizational features make it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable performance in challenging environments.

Alternatives to the biggest North Face backpack

While the biggest North Face backpack offers ample storage space and durability, there are several alternatives available in the market that cater to different needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Osprey Aether AG 85 Backpack:

  • The Osprey Aether AG 85 Backpack is a popular choice for backpackers and hikers seeking a high-capacity pack with advanced suspension technology.
  • It features Osprey’s Anti-Gravity suspension system, providing exceptional comfort and load distribution for long-distance treks.
  • With a capacity of 85 liters, this backpack offers ample storage space for multi-day expeditions and extended trips into the wilderness.

Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack:

  • The Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack is designed for adventurers who need maximum storage capacity and organization on their outdoor adventures.
  • It features Gregory’s Response Pro suspension system, which offers customizable fit and excellent load support.
  • With a capacity of 65 liters, this backpack is ideal for backpackers, mountaineers, and expedition leaders who require extra space for gear and equipment.

Deuter Aircontact 70+10 Backpack:

  • The Deuter Aircontact 70+10 Backpack combines comfort, durability, and versatility for backpackers and travelers.
  • It features Deuter’s Aircontact back system, providing ventilation and support for carrying heavy loads.
  • With a capacity of 70+10 liters (expandable), this backpack offers flexible storage options for various outdoor activities and travel adventures.

How to choose the right North Face backpack for you

Choosing the right North Face backpack requires careful consideration of your specific needs, preferences, and intended use. Here are some steps to help you select the perfect backpack for your outdoor adventures:

Determine Your Activity:

Consider the type of outdoor activities you’ll be participating in, whether it’s day hiking, overnight camping, backpacking, mountaineering, or travel. Different activities may require different features and capacities in a backpack.

Assess Storage Needs:

Evaluate how much gear, equipment, and supplies you’ll need to carry on your adventures. Determine the necessary storage capacity based on the duration of your trips and the items you’ll be bringing along.

Consider Comfort and Fit:

Look for backpacks with padded shoulder straps, adjustable suspension systems, and ventilated back panels to ensure comfort during long hours of wear. Pay attention to features like waist belts and sternum straps for added stability and support.

Check Durability and Quality:

North Face backpacks are known for their durability and high-quality construction. Look for features like reinforced stitching, durable materials, and water-resistant coatings to ensure your backpack can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Evaluate Organization Features:

Consider the organization features offered by the backpack, such as multiple compartments, pockets, and internal organizers. Determine whether the layout and design of the backpack will allow you to easily access and organize your gear on the trail.

Try Before You Buy:

If possible, visit a store to try on different North Face backpacks and assess their fit and comfort. Load the backpack with weight to simulate real-world conditions and ensure it feels comfortable and supportive on your back.

Read Reviews and Research:

Take the time to read reviews and research the specifications of different North Face backpack models online. Pay attention to feedback from other users and experts to gain insights into the performance and suitability of each backpack for your needs.

Consider Special Features:

Depending on your preferences and requirements, consider special features offered by certain North Face backpacks, such as hydration compatibility, laptop sleeves, trekking pole attachments, or removable daypacks.

Set Your Budget:

Determine your budget for purchasing a North Face backpack and explore options within your price range. Keep in mind that while higher-priced backpacks may offer more features and durability, there are also affordable options available that provide excellent value for money.

Choose According to Style:

Finally, select a North Face backpack that matches your personal style and aesthetic preferences. With a variety of colors, designs, and styles available, you can find a backpack that not only meets your practical needs but also reflects your individual taste.

By following these steps and considering your specific needs and preferences, you can choose the right North Face backpack that will accompany you on all your outdoor adventures with comfort, durability, and functionality.

Conclusion: what is the biggest north face backpack

In conclusion, the quest for the biggest North Face backpack unveils a range of options tailored to meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day trek through rugged terrain, planning an extended camping trip, or gearing up for a mountaineering expedition, North Face has a backpack to accommodate your storage requirements. From spacious expedition packs to versatile travel backpacks, each option offers a blend of durability, functionality, and comfort, ensuring you can tackle your adventures with confidence. By carefully considering factors such as activity type, storage needs, comfort, and organization features, you can select the perfect North Face backpack to accompany you on your outdoor journey. With the right backpack by your side, you’re equipped to explore the great outdoors and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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