Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

12 Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Backpacks are one of the most important pieces of school supplies for high school students. Not only do they help to organize everything on campus, but they can also be used for carrying extra clothes and other essentials on long trips. In this article, we’ll highlight the best backpacks for highschool students based on several factors, including size, features, and price. We hope that this guide will help you find the perfect backpack for your needs!

Here, we’ll list our top picks for the best backpacks for high school students. We’ll also provide a brief overview of each backpack, as well as suggested uses for each one. So whether you’re a freshman or a senior, be sure to check out our list!

What are the best backpacks for highschool students brands?

Here are a few of the best high school backpack brands that you may want to consider:

There are a lot of different high school backpack brands out there, and it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top five high school backpack brands that we believe will suit most people’s needs.

Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co.’s backpacks are known for their stylish styles and solid construction. They offer a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, as well as several different customization options as a best backpacks for highschool students (such as adding your own logo or embroidery).

North Face

North Face is another popular choice among students due to its versatile style and quality construction. Their backpacks are designed with heavy-duty materials so they can withstand even the most intense classroom activities.


Osprey is known for being both stylish and functional when it comes to backpacks – perfect for students who need something both professional looking and practical at the same time..

Columbia -best backpacks for highschool students

The brand of Columbia also provides an excellent value proposition and best backpacks for highschool students, thanks to their durable designs combined with affordable prices tag.. And last but not least…


Jansport is also leading best backpacks for highschool students manufacture who provide a great solution for those students who are looking for quality, value and terrific customer service. Jansport backpacks are durably constructed with a variety of stylish and comfortable designs to choose from..

Moreover, their customer service is second to none, so you can be sure that any questions or concerns you may have will be answered quickly and efficiently.


Timbuk2 is a popular choice for highschool students who are looking for an affordable and stylish backpack. Their backpacks come in both small and large sizes, as well as a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Their lightweight and comfortable designs make them perfect for Students on the go.

How to choose the right size Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Most high school students need a backpack that is at least 18″ wide by 12″ deep, or approximately 45 cm wide x 30 cm deep. It’s important to choose the right size backpack because it will carry all of your textbooks, laptops and other supplies.

If you are unsure about what size to buy, measure the circumference of your chest (around the middle). This measurement should be equal to or slightly greater than the width of your shoulders.

What should be in a high school student’s backpack?

Backpacks are an essential part of high school, and they should be filled with the necessary supplies to get through the year. Here are a few items that every student should have in their backpack:

– A laptop or tablet PC (for classes that require them)

– Textbooks and other academic materials

– Pencils and paper for assignments

– Chargers for devices such as phones and tablets

– A raincoat or umbrella in case of inclement weather

The different types of backpacks available for school

There are a variety of backpacks available for school, each with its own unique features and advantages. Here are the three most common types:

The sports backpack is designed specifically for athletes or recreation enthusiasts who need plenty of space to carry their belongings. It’s usually large enough to hold textbooks, notebooks, and other supplies, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry around. Most sports Backpacks also come equipped with compartments for snacks and drinks, as well as special pockets designed for carrying phones and other small accessories.

The laptop backpack is perfect if you’re planning on using your backpack primarily to transport your laptop instead of textbooks or other bulky items. Laptop Backpacks typically have comfortable straps and ample storage space inside the bag itself, as well as slots on the outside that can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches in size. Some even come equipped with locks so you can secure your computer while you’re away from home.

The messenger style backpack is great if you only need a small amount of storage space (between 8 – 18 inches) that doesn’t take up too much room in your luggage when traveling. These backpacks are smaller than standard backpacks but offer more convenience because they don’t require folding down into a compact form like traditional shoulder bags do。They also tend to be lighter weight which makes them easier to transport throughout campus or across town

What to avoid when buying a backpack for a high school student

When you are shopping for best backpacks for highschool students, there are a few things to avoid.

First of all, make sure the backpack is large enough to fit everything that your student will need while they’re away from home.

Second, make sure the straps are comfortable and adjustable so that it can be worn comfortably as the wearer moves around throughout the day.

And finally, don’t buy a backpack that is too flashy or attention-grabbing – students want something functional rather than flashy. These simple tips should help you find the perfect and best backpack for high school student!

How to style and dress like a high school student with a stylish backpack

If you’re feeling a little bit lost in the world of adult fashion, then styling yourself like a high school student might help. This style is all about big backpacks, oversized T-shirts and pretty much anything that will make you look young and fresh. Whether you want to go for the grunge look or opt for more conventional attire, following these tips will get you there:

Start with an oversized backpack. Backpacks are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there – they can be used as purses, storage containers, or workbags. Go for something stylish but practical like The North Face’s Bear Grylls Backpack or H&M’s Large Ordinary Backpack.

Select loose fitting T-shirts that fall below your waistline (avoid tight fitted items which may make your body appear too slim). Opt for colors that harmonize well with your skin tone and choose shirts featuring graphic prints or simple designs.

Substantial shoes are key. Don’t go for trendy sneakers which won’t withstand wear and tear nor thin sandals which could cause blisters on hot days outdoors. Instead pick sturdy boots or trainers in dark colors like black or brown to complete the high school look!

What should a high school student’s backpack look like?

When it comes to backpacks, there are a few things that high school students should keep in mind. First and foremost, they need something that is spacious enough to fit everything they might need during the day, but not so large or cumbersome that it becomes an additional nuisance.

Also, make sure the backpack is comfortable to wear for long periods of time – especially if you plan on lugging it around all day. And lastly, choose a color scheme and design style that reflects your personal style. There are plenty of cute and best backpacks for highschool students available on the market today, so there’s no reason why you can’t find what you’re looking for!

The different features to look for in a Best backpacks for highschool students

Some of the more common features to look for include:

Pockets – many backpacks have multiple pockets, which is great for organizing everything you carry with you.

A zippered compartment or sleeve – this can be useful if you need to store something delicate or valuable separately from your other belongings.

Multi functional straps and buckles – these can be used for carrying heavier loads, as well as attaching additional accessories like water bottles or flashlights.

Tips on how to pack your school backpack correctly

There are a few key things to keep in mind when packing your school backpack. First, make sure that everything you need is included. Second, choose the right size bag for your needs. Finally, make use of packing cubes to organize and compress your items.

Here are some additional tips on how to pack an efficient backpack:

Use dividers or compartments within your bag to organize different types of materials (books, assignments, notes). This will help you find what you’re looking for quickly and minimize stress during class time.

Choose a carrying strap if possible – this will make lugging your heavy backpack around easier and less tiring.

Pack light but well – wearing bulky clothing or equipment can weigh down your bag and slow you down while walking or running between classes. Instead, bring along lightweight clothes that fit comfortably and allow plenty of room to move around freely (without feeling constricted).

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to pack an effective school backpack that won’t leave you exhausted by the end of the day!

Tips on how to style your backpack

When it comes to the best backpacks for highschool students, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure the backpack is comfortable and fits your body well. It’s important to have a backpack that supports your spine and doesn’t cause pain when you carry it around all day. Second, find one that has plenty of compartments so that you can organize everything easily. And finally, avoid backpacks with excessive straps or buckles – they will only add extra weight to your bag and take up more space inside of it.

Here are some helpful tips on how to style a backpack:

Choose neutral colors like black or brown for the background color of the bag. This will help match any outfit you might wear during school days.

Use light colored accessories (like belts) to contrast against darker colored items in your wardrobe, such as jeans or skirts. This will give your look an updated edge without being too over the top trendy..

Mix textures together by using materials like faux leather vs suede for different parts of the bag (for example, use faux leather for the front flap and suede for side pockets). You’ll be able to achieve multiple looks from just one backpack!

14 The Best Backpacks For Highschool Students

1. Herschel Classic Backpack

Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Customer reviews

A great brand that makes best backpacks for highschool students. You can never go wrong with a Herschel bag. And if you’re looking for a high-quality backpack to carry your stuff around, this is the one! Crafted from durable materials and equipped with features you need on the daily, this backpack is sure to last you for years.

It has a spacious main compartment which can fit your books, laptop, and other essentials without any hassle. The padded straps will make sure that your shoulders are comfortable all day long while carrying it on your back. And did we mention that its also water-resistant? So whatever comes along as soon hectic schedule or feeling adventurous, don’t leave behind your trusty Herschel bag any more!

2. Herschel Retreat Backpack

Customer reviews

A travel companion that never fails to impress. This Herschel retreat backpack is a fashion statement in itself and will let you carry all your essentials with style. The durable nylon material makes this bag strong and long lasting, while the adjustable strap ensures easy carrying. Adjustable straps and padded shoulder drop ensure comfortable carrying for even the heaviest load, making it an ideal travel companion for work and also best backpacks for highschool students alike.

Also comes with a 15 laptop sleeve which allows you to pack your laptop safely in transit without worrying about scratches or damages.
Wear it with pride knowing that every day use is keeping you stylishly on-trend!

3. The North Face Jester School Laptop Backpack

Customer reviews

The North Face Jester School Laptop Backpack is a stylish way to carry your essentials while you’re out and about. With the flexible front compartment and padded back panel, this bag will keep your laptop safe and sound while still being comfortable to carry long distances. Plus, the FlexVent suspension system provides a stable yet comfortable ride, so you can go wherever your day takes you!

4. The North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack

Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Customer reviews

This updated version of an iconic school backpack is perfect for class and day-to-day activities alike. With a super light suspension and stretchable stash pocket, you can be sure that your books and laptop will stay safe and secure throughout the day. Plus, don’t worry about overheating or sweating either – thanks to FLEX vent technology, your back will stay dry and comfortable at all times!

Don’t wait any longer – pick up a Recon Backpack today!

5. Osprey Axis Laptop Backpack for high school students

Customer reviews

High school is the time when you start to develop your own style and identity, but everything is still new and exciting. You want to look stylish, so you’ve chosen the perfect bag. We love this Osprey Axis Laptop Backpack for highschool students because it’s got lots of space for all your essentials. Made from durable nylon, this bag will last through many years of use.

The laptop sleeve keeps your laptop safe and secure while you’re on the go, and features a durable zipper closure that prevents scratches or damage to your device. There are also plenty of pockets throughout the bag to store accessories or small items, as well as dual water bottle pockets for easy access during sporting events or other activities outdoors. When it’s time for a change in wardrobe or style, update your backpack with this fun and fashionable piece today!

6. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Customer reviews

Osprey’s Daylite Plus daypack is a great option for those who want to take their essentials with them on the go. It features a large main compartment that provides plenty of storage space, and two mesh side pockets that allow you to organize more items. Osprey daylite plus daypack is of the best backpacks for highschool students that offer ample space to carry on all necessary item.

The front panel also has a shove-it pocket, which is perfect for stashing your rain shell or other small items when you’re out in the mountains. The die-cut foam back panel also provides comfort and ventilation so you can enjoy your hike or run without any problems

7. Columbia Utilizer 30L Laptop Student School Backpack

Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Customer reviews

School is hectic for us! We know that and we also know about your struggle to carry all-important books and folders.

So we’ve designed a pack that’s perfect for both of you. Columbia Utilizer 30L Laptop Student School Backpack (Modern Turq) has a padded and fleece-lined laptop sleeve, two front accessory pockets, two main compartments, water bottle pockets, and a flat padded bottom panel to help keep your books organized. Plus the reflective zipper pulls will make sure you’re seen in traffic or at night!

8. Columbia Unisex Mazama 25L Backpack

Customer reviews

Whether you want to explore the city, school or hit the mountains, this bag has your back. Versatile, stylish and one of the best backpacks for highschool students, it can be used for any purpose. Whether you’re heading out on a short weekend break or planning a full-fledged adventure, going to school, this backpack is sure to keep you comfortable and safe while carrying all of your belongings. Plus, its fun colors will help you stand out from the crowd!

9. JanSport Cool Student Backpack for College Students

Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Customer reviews

Finding the right & best backpacks for highschool students is important. College life is full of new challenges and opportunities, but also poses a unique set of challenges for students. A book bag to carry all your essentials will help you tackle them all with ease. With the JanSport backpack, college life becomes a breeze! Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction let you move around campus confidently.

The laptop sleeve safely accommodates laptops up to 15-inches in size while its padded interior protects your device from scratches and bumps. Plus, its 2 compartments provide ample storage space for books, pens and other essentials. So gear up for class with this stylish backpack today!

10. JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack – Lightweight best backpacks for highSchool students

Customer reviews

JanSport is known for making high-quality backpacks that are both durable and comfortable to wear, and the SuperBreak One backpack reflects this. The polyester lining makes this bag soft against your skin, while its zippers ensure that the contents remain safe. Plus, it comes with a 15″ drop so you have more room to carry around all of your books and supplies.

Why settle for anything less when you can get a bag that looks great and is built to last? Get your JanSport backpack today!

11. Timbuk2 Never Check Expandable Backpack

Customer reviews

Whether you’re a business professional or school or university students who needs to take your laptop and some essentials on the go, or a traveler looking for a pack that can fit everything but weighs less than half of what it can hold, Timbuk2 Never Check Expandable Backpack is the perfect travel companion! A brand-new packing innovation, this backpack has enough space to hold all your essentials while fitting into small spaces. Take it with you when traveling by car, train or plane and make sure nothing gets lost. Your stuff will be secure and comfortable in this durable backpack that comes with lifetime warranty.

12. Timbuk2 Division Laptop Backpack for high school students

Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students

Customer reviews

Do you always rush to school in the morning, but don’t have a perfect bag to carry your laptop and all your books? Then Timbuk2 is the answer! This premium backpack has everything you need for a comfortable ride. Made from 100% recycled material, it’s lightweight yet durable and water resistant. Store your laptop safely inside its padded compartment while keeping all your essentials organized in the spacious main compartment. Plus, there are reflective strips on both sides so you can be safe while cycling at night!

Don’t let fashion or convenience hinder you from completing your daily tasks with ease. Get yourself this supremely organized backpack today and hit the road with style!


Thanks for reading! We tried our best to present a diverse range of bags that are ideal for different scenarios. From small backpacks that you can easily carry on your shoulders, to practical and spacious ones suitable for carrying books and laptops, we hope this list will surely help you find the right one. Keep in mind though that it is essential to buy a new backpack every few years to keep it looking classy.

Here we have some great bags from brands like Jansport and Herschel Supply Co as part of our 12 Best Backpacks For HighSchool Students series. If there’s another brand or product you think deserves recognition, share it with us by commenting in the section below!

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