Best Backpack For Long Distance Hiking

10 best backpack for long distance hiking

Do you love hiking but hate carrying your belongings with you on every hike? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, you’ll appreciate this list of the best backpack for long distance hiking. These backpacks are designed to carry a lot, while still being comfortable to wear. You’ll be able to hike for hours without feeling weighed down or burdened, and your gear will be safe and secure at all times. Ready to take your hiking to the next level? Let’s take a look at these best backpack for thru hiking favorites!

Whether you are planning to go hiking for a long trip or for a few hours. But when it comes to choosing a best backpack for thru hiking, you have to consider many different factors. Because for long hiking trips away from the city, your backpack can make or break your hiking experience. So what is the best backpack for long distance hiking and what size pack should you buy? And how much should a good bag weigh? It is very important for you to know the answers to all these questions.

Best backpack for long distance hiking

Therefore, there are many different brands and styles of hiking bags available in the market for men and women. Therefore, researching every hacking backpack in the market can be quite a difficult and time-consuming process for you. So, Fine backpack team has researched the best backpack for long distance hiking for your convenience and compiled a list of ten best backpack for thru hiking and camping purposes.

What is a backpack and what are its uses?

A backpack is a type of luggage which people use to carry small items with them when they are travelling. Backpacks come in many different sizes and styles, depending on the purpose for which they are being used.

The different features of best backpack for long distance hiking

A best backpack for thru hiking should have a variety of features, including:

  • Ample internal storage space to carry all of your gear
  • Comfortable and durable straps and padding
  • A front mesh pocket for easy access to snacks, water bottles, or map

What size pack should you buy?

Typically, 30-70 liters of internal storage is ideal for a backpack suitable for long distance hiking.

How much should a good bag weigh?

A good backpack should weigh 2-6kgs, depending on the size and features of the bag.

Factors to consider while buying a backpack for long distance hiking

  • The size and weight of the backpack
  • The amount of storage space available in the backpack
  • The type and style of straps and padding on the backpack
  • Whether or not there are any front pockets on the backpack

How to choose the right size and type of backpack for your needs

To choose the right backpack size for your needs, take into account the weight of your gear and belongings as well as how much space there is available inside. Once you have determined that a backpack will be suitable for your needs, it is important to consider what type of straps and padding are best suited for your backpack. Some backpacks come with adjustable straps and chest pads to ensure a comfortable fit even when carrying heavier loads; others come with simple shoulder straps or no padding at all. Finally, some backpacks include front mesh pockets which can be great for storing snacks, water bottles or maps while on your hike.

10 best backpack for long distance hiking

1. Osprey Atmos AG 65 Men’s Backpacking Backpack

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The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is the perfect and best backpack for long distance hikers and campers. The lightweight, pack-less design of this backpack makes it feel like you’re carrying less weight.

This is by far the lightest and most comfortable backpacking pack on the market. Osprey has used their expertise in backcountry production to design this backpack that feels as if you are carrying nothing at all. The anti-gravity suspension system distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, hips, and pack, letting you feel like you can go farther than ever before.

With adjustable harnesses and a fit-on-the-fly hip belt, you can dial in the perfect fit for any length hike or expedition. And with a front stretch mesh pocket for storing rain gear or extra layers, removable floating top lid with dual zippered pockets and web attachment points, and internal hydration reservoir sleeve to accommodate up to a 3L reservoir (sold separately), there’s no wonder why everyone is raving about this pack!

2. TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks- best backpack for thru hiking

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TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks is the best backpack for long distance hiking. It provides you with a lot of comfort and convenience in carrying your necessary stuff on nature’s wilderness.
It is lightweight, yet durable and spacious to hold all your gear in place. This pack comes with many advanced features like adjustable straps, strong buckles and storm proof zippers that adds extra strength to its shell. You will have no problem finding the right balance between weight and capacity with this pack!

Be prepared for any situation on foot or by car, with TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpack! Grab one today!

3. Deuter Casual Daypack – the best backpack for long distance hiking

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If you’re an avid hiker or mountaineer, then you know what it means to have a pack that can handle any situation.

The Deuter Casual Daypack is designed to be the ultimate hiking companion, with features like Aircontact Lite for ventilation and Ergonomic Comfort Lock hip fins for load stability. Plus, it’s lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday use. Whether you’re trekking through the mountains or spending the night in the back country, this pack has everything you need.

When it comes to durable and versatile daypacks, the name Deuter is undoubtedly a brand that you can trust. The newly launched Casual Daypack displays the same quality and craftsmanship that has been synonymous with this range since its inception. Designed for everything from trekking and mountaineering tours to overnights in the front country, this pack is both sleek and spacious while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

Built with auto-compress Ergonomic Comfort Lock hip fins of dual density foam deliver a custom fit for load stability. For those who are on a tight budget or looking for an affordable yet reliable product, then Deuter Casual Daypack should be your first choice!

4. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

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Scouting for the best backpack for hiking? Then scout this one!-

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is a high-performance backpack that fits men and women of all sizes. It is made from durable materials, which makes it strong enough to withstand rough conditions.

The bag has been designed with ergonomic features to make carrying comfortable and convenient. The bag also comes with compression straps that can be used to compress the gear for easy storage. You can also use the exterior pockets for storing small items like keys or credit cards. Thanks to its durable construction, this pack will serve you well for years to come!

5. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Pack-able Hiking Backpack for long distance trip

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Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack is your partner in every adventure. Made of high quality, tear and water-resistant nylon fabric so you can enjoy any outdoor activity in comfort.

Venture Pal backpack has one waterproof wet pocket for your valuables and another main compartment for storing all your important things like smartphone, laptop, books, etc. It also comes with a 40-liter capacity which will allow you to carry your daily essentials with ease.

The best part is that it’s lightweight yet durable so it’s perfect for hiking or everyday use, as well Venture Pal 40-L is one of the best backpack for long distance hiking. Pick up a Venture Pal today and set off on an adventure!

6. Osprey Skarab 22 Men’s Hiking backpack for long distance wirh Hydration

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We’ve all been there – you’re hiking with a group of friends up a mountain, and it’s starting to get dark. There are no cell service or maps to guide your way, so you can only go by their GPS coordinates. You want to make sure that everyone is safe and having fun on the hike in the mountains at night, but you don’t want to be out in the dark setting up camp either. That’s where Osprey comes in.

Osprey Skarab 22 Men’s Hiking Hydration is an easy-to-carry pack built for long distances on mountaintops. The hydration compartment fits 2.5L of water – enough for hours of hiking through streams and lakes while keeping your body hydrated as well! But that isn’t all this pack has to offer!

It also features a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, dual entry stretch mesh side pockets for storing small items like phones or keys, dual upper compression straps for added stability when carrying heavy loads, and even dual daisy chain attachment points for attaching lights or other important accessories so you never have to worry about being lost in the darkness again!

7. Kelty Coyote 60-105 Liter the best Backpack for thru hiking

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Carry your gear in comfort and style with the Coyote 60-105 liter backpack from Kelty. It features ample storage for all your essential gear, as well as a comfortable suspension that enables you to carry heavy loads without feeling weighed down. With its sturdy build and water-resistant fabric, the Coyote is perfect for use on long treks through the wilderness.

Lightness is an important factor when choosing a best backpack for long distance hiking purposes, but also one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Coyote’s Amp Flow ventilation system will keep you cool on even the hottest of days, while its breathable materials ensure that you stay dry no matter how fast you’re moving. Plus, its lightweight design means you’ll be able to comfortably carry it all day without any discomfort.

Whether you’re going on a short day hike or preparing for an extended expedition in the mountains, this pack has everything you need to keep your gear organized and protected while giving you complete freedom of movement so that you can explore at your own pace. Order yours today and take advantage of Kelty’s legendary customer service!

8. TETON Sports Explorer Full Internal Frame – Adjustable best backpack for long distance hiking

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TETON Sports Explorer Backpack is a top seller on Amazon for a good reason. It’s got all the features you’d want from an internal frame backpack, and it does them well. The adjustable back makes it easy to get a comfortable fit for your body type, and the sleeping bag compartment fits most standard-sized bags. Plus, the water-repellant rainfly cover keeps things dry when you’re hiking through the rain or getting caught in heavy downpour.

If you’re looking for an affordable internal frame backpack that offers great features without skimping on quality, then this is your go-to pack!

9. Granite Gear Virga 2 The best backpack for thru hiking

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This is the best backpack for long distance hiking. With a capacity of 52 liters, it’s lightweight and comfortable. With its iconic style, Granite Gear’s Virga 2 backpack is the perfect choice for long-distance hikes and camping treks.

Made from lightweight Nylon with a roll top closure and frame less suspension, this pack is sure to keep your gear organized while on the go. Plus, it also features a removable internal hydration bladder so you can stay hydrated throughout your hike. And last but not least, it has a comfortable torso length of 21-24in / 53-64cm so everyone can enjoy its hiking glory.

10. TETON Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight Internal Frame best backpack for long distance trip

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You’ve done your research and are ready to pick up the trail with a TETON Sports Hiker 3700. This ultralight pack is made for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. With 60 liters of capacity, you’ll be able to carry everything you need for an extended adventure.

The main compartment has room for a sleeping bag and other gear, while the front pocket has space for storage essentials. And thanks to its high-performance internal frame construction, this pack is durable enough for any challenge you face on the trail. So when it comes time to hit the road or take your next adventure abroad, grab yourself a TETON Sports Hiker 3700 and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


The right backpack will make any hike a breeze. By using the tips we mentioned above, you’ll be able to find out which size is best for your hiking needs! Also, check out our list of the best backpack for long distance hiking. These backpacks are designed to carry a lot but still be comfortable to wear so that you can hike for hours without feeling weighed down or burdened.

We have handpicked 10 of these best backpack for thru hiking and reviewed each one based on its features and performance as well. Hope you enjoy scrolling through them!

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