How to choose a backpack for your child

How to choose a backpack for your child

How to choose a backpack for your child. In order to make life easier for your school going child, in other words to make his school trip comfortable, you need to know how and on what basis to choose school backpack.

Like adults, children have to go to school five days a week, whether they like it or not. Thus, from the first grade onwards, the child is pampered on his weak shoulders with a heavy bag full of books.

Your kid is young and he can go to school and watch cartoons. In such a situation, your child can choose for himself a backpack with the logo of a famous cartoon character or a brightly colored bag for himself. However, it is important for you to help the child choose the right size and shape of school bag or backpack for his body and what he should carry.

How to determine the size of the school backpack for your child

how to choose a backpack for your child

When choosing a specific manufacturer model for children’s school bags, you must read all the manufacturer’s guidelines for this backpack. This detail depends on the age of the child, his physical height, and also the size and color of the bag.

The description of any bag indicates the approximate age of the child for whom the bag is selected and manufactured. However, the “recommended age” is not always calculated correctly. Because with age the physical height of the child also matters, which may vary due to the climate of each country. That’s why the Fine Backpack Selection Team gives you some important tips regarding your child’s school bag selection.

Tips for How to choose a backpack for your child

  • Measure your baby’s shoulder width and length from shoulder to hip, this will greatly reduce your chances of making a mistake.
  • Carefully study the dimensions of your and your child’s favorite school bags.
  • If the specified width and length of the bag does not exceed the measured values, then this model can be safely purchased.
  • Make sure the bag is worn on two straps, as this is the only correct option.
  • Try to choose a lightweight school backpack for your child.
  • Therefore, the weight of the filled bag should not exceed 10% of your child’s weight.
  • Select the school backpack with two and three compartments and fill each compartment evenly. Doing so puts the burden of the bag evenly on the waist and shoulders.

By following these simple rules and tips, you can easily choose a school backpack for your child, so with this bag he will have a pleasant journey to his school year round.

3 Best school backpack manufacturers

how to choose a backpack for your child

You will find many types of school backpacks for baby in the market at this time in which it may be very difficult for you to choose a single backpack brand for your child. Here’s a look at some of the best top backpack brands here for your best guidance.

Skip Hop

A large number of buyers on Amazon have praised this brand. They produce comfortable, durable and well-designed backpack.

The company is certified according to international standards, its products are recommended for purchase for elementary, junior and primary school students. Its manufactured products have been found to be quite light in weight.

John Deere

John Deere manufactures backpacks in the “above average” price segment. The company’s children’s school Seychelles can be called a really high quality product.

The products in their bags are commendable in every way. A big plus for those who love originality. John Deere offers many combinations of satchels with different designs, you will definitely choose one of these backpack for your child.

Simple Modern Store (Disney Kids Backpack for School)

Disney Kids backpacks available for every school going child from a reputable Simple Modern Store show that for a small fee you can get a durable and more importantly a safe baby bag.

What kind of Structure backpack should be chosen for school children?

Children’s school backpack size

Parents should first and foremost consider its size when choosing a backpack for their young children going to school. Always choose a backpack according to the size of the child’s waist.. It is neither too big nor too small. Instead, select a school bag that is not wider than the child’s shoulder.

Choose a belt backpack for your child

The belt strap is recommended to ensure that the load is evenly distributed over the child’s back.

Check Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps fitted in the backpack come second after the size. Shoulder straps should be wide at the shoulders and thin under the armpits. When choosing a school backpack for children, make sure that the straps are also adjusted so that the bottom of the bag sits 5 cm above your child’s waist. Be sure to never buy a backpack with tight shoulder straps. Because doing so can cause pain and affect blood circulation.

Handled school backpack

Backpacks with a solid handle at the top will ensure safe carrying. Because children often carry their bags from school to class by handles at school.

choose The backpack According to the comfort of your child

The bag should be padded on the back and shoulder strap for comfort, as this will prevent your child’s shoulder from getting tired.

Pockets and backpack compartment

Find a bag with multiple pockets and multiple compartments to help distribute the weight.

Always be lightweight in case of child

Remember that the weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the baby’s weight. For example, if your baby weighs 60 pounds, the packed bag should weigh a maximum of 6 pounds. Because overweight and heavy backpack can damage your baby’s back.

The backpack material should be strong and comfortable and keep it so that your child does not bend it by lifting it on his shoulder. Conversely, if your child should bend forward and support himself on the shoulder strap. The bag is too heavy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Choosing a School child Backpack

  • Never choose a leather backpack for your child, as they may be heavier.
  • Avoid rolling bags, as they are heavier to lift when going up or down stairs.
  • It is not recommended to carry the bag on one shoulder only, as this method does not distribute the weight properly and may increase the risk of injury.

Practical advice for parents to choose a child school backpack

You choose the best school backpack for your child. Now teach your child how to distribute the weight in the bag correctly. For example, persuade your child to carry heavy books on their backs and small items in their front pockets.

Use the school agenda to plan which homework materials your child should bring home. In this way the unnecessary books in the child’s school will be less and of course the weight of the bag will be less.

For better weight distribution, don’t put your baby’s lunch box in his bag; Instead, it should be carried by hand. However, if you are not at all in favor of giving a lunch box to your child, then choose a backpack that is available with an extra pocket of lunch box.

Carry a school bag with a water bottle at the side. Or give your child an empty water bottle, which he can fill at school.

Your child’s good health and good diet not only enables him to carry his school backpack on his shoulders, but he can also become an excellent member of this community. So advise your school going child to exercise and eat well from his childhood.

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