Jansport Big Student Backpack

Jansport Big Student Backpack A Good Selection 2023

JanSport, one of the original Outdoor Gear Companies, brings its knowledge and designs to the classroom with the JanSport Big Student Backpack.

With this classically designed backpack, you can easily carry all of your books, notepads and supplies in organized comfort.

JanSport Big Student Backpack is considered super cool and super convenient by most everyone from about the fourth grade through grad school. And it is also popular with the young professional. It is an oversize version of the JanSport Classic Super break Pack.  It keeps everything protected and dry.  No need to worry about it falling apart as it is very securely sewn.

The JanSport Big Student Backpack

This HUGE backpack features two large main compartments for versatile storage, a front utility pocket with audio electronics organizer to keep your essentials handy and two zippered front stash pockets.

The fully padded back panel makes carrying easy with cushioned comfort. And the ergonomic shoulder straps  will save your shoulders and back from the strain of carrying heavy books and school supplies.  JanSport KNOWS comfort — they started out developing backpacks for trail hiking and all day treking.

It comes in over 30 different colors and crazy patterns.  Jansport Big Student Backpack is popular with both students and professionals because of its durability and multiple pockets.  There is a padded back panel and straps that are ergonomically designed to evenly distribute the weight across the back and relieve stress in the shoulders.

 Features of JanSport Big Student Backpacks

  • Ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps
  • Two large main compartments for easy organization and storage
  • Upper zippered accessory pocket.
  • Lower front zippered stash pocket.
  • Front utility pocket with audio electronics organizer keeps essentials handy
  • Headphone port – for your iPod.
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Two zippered front stash pockets
  • Fully padded back panel for cushioning comfort
  • Web haul loop
  • Dimensions: 17.5″ x 13″ x 10″  — 2100 cubic inch/ 34 liter capacity.
  • Weighs just a measly 1 lb. 8 oz. / 0.7 kg.

It comes in almost any color you can think of.  It also comes in some really neat  patterns, such as, a zebra stripe, several different plaids and textures, big polka-dots,  a camouflage pattern, a pin-stripe suiting look, all kinds of vertical stripes, all types  of “electric” patterns, and leopard.  So there is something for everyone – in fact, it will be hard to choose from all the options.
JanSport Big Student Backpack has two large compartments as the main base of the bag.  These compartments can handle large and heavy college books – or clothes for weekend travel.  It has a front utility pocket with an auto electronics organizer and a quick find cell phone pocket.  Also included is a medium size compartment that is neatly divided.  And on top of all that there is a side mesh pocket for a water bottle.  The padding on the back makes it a safe way to carry a computer.  It has adjustable straps to fit onto any size body.

Benefits of the Jansport Big Student Backpack

The Jansport Big Student Backpack makes for a bag with a difference. It is the chosen option of students due to its ergonomic S curved shoulder straps along with a couple of large primary sections which account for adaptable storage space.

The utility pocket in front which comes with the audio enabled electronics organizer which keeps your essentials handy. There are a couple of zippered stash pockets which have a fully padded paneling at the back to make room for cushioning comfort.

A web haul loop adds to the Big Student user friendliness. While some of the absolute high-end features may not be available, the Jansport Big Student offers the best products at the best rates.


The Jansport Big Student Backpack has a capacity of around 2100 cubic inches and although it may not contain laptop sleeves or a pocket for the handy water bottle, there are 5 separate sections in which you can keep your school supplies properly organized.

Made of 600-denier polyester, studies in independent testing demonstrate that the bag is an excellent taste in terms of durability and water resistance as compared with the other kinds of backpacks.

The Big Student has ergonomic shoulder straps which makes carrying of luggage easier.

User Friendly – Easy to Use

When it comes to user friendliness, the Big Student Backpack is the choice to go for. The Jansport Big Student Backpack is ideal for carrying loads of books to school along with your gym clothes and a host of assorted school supplies.

The main reason why other backpacks fail is that they cannot stand the strain of the books and assorted materials. They often hurt the shoulders and backs of these little ones. There is no such possibility with the Jansport bags as they are provided with padded shoulder straps.

This high quality product not just handles the school supply workloads, but helps kids carry their luggage well.

Jansport Big Student Backpack design and texture

The Big Student line of backpacks is too well made and they last a long time than the regular makes. This is why the value for the Jansport Big Student Backpack costs is realized in time. They might not be the cheapest in the market, but certainly stand the test of time.

These user-friendly designs and colors ensure that kids are able to carry all that they need to for school and that too in the most efficient manner. The stash pockets are ideal for carrying things like pencil bags, stationery, lunch boxes, mobiles etc.

Perfect for Your Kids

Give your kid the best they deserve and you will definitely agree that when it comes to their education, you will not want to compromise at any rate. The specialty of the unique and efficient Jansport Big Student Backpack is that it has an electronics pocket which is meant for carrying PSP’s, iPods and a suitable cell phone section right in front which helps you find your mobile swiftly without hassle.

The S-curve of the shoulder straps adjusts to the body contour so as to prevent your kid’s body from being pulled backwards. All these features are compounded into a single and stylish design which earns thumbs-ups from your kid.

Jansport Big Student Backpacks: A Problem Solver

For most students, one of the major problems they have is how to bring all their books to school with ease. Most students have small bags that could barely fit all their books. Jansport big student backpacks are the ultimate solution to this problem. It does not only allow you to carry all your bags but also carry it in style.

Perfect choice for your back

Jansport student bags are designed for style and comfort so the carrier will not only look good but will feel good as well. It is designed so that the weight of the books would be evenly distributed on the persons back reducing back strain and pain. It also molds to the shape of the persons back thus making it all the more comfortable for the carrier.

The straps are made with padding on it and the back of the bag is also made with cushions so even if you are carrying a hard book or a laptop you won’t feel is hardness on your back.

Gives you strong support

With a Jansport bag, you are assured to have a durable bag that you can use throughout the school year and even next school year. You don’t have to worry about the bag getting damaged no matter how heavy your books are because it is made of high quality cloth.

The zippers are very easy to open and close for your ease in locating your things. There are also sufficient pockets and pouches so you can organize all your things. Now you will not have a hard time looking for your pen or wallet, everything has its own receptacle.

My advice on buying Jansport Big Student Backpack

So if you want to get the most reliable bag in the market, purchase a Jansport big student backpack. With this bag, carrying your heavy school supplies and books will no longer be a problem. And since you it can accommodate all of your important things, you won’t have trouble forgetting or leaving some crucial things behind.

You can easily locate all your things and avoid wasting your time unpacking all you things to find your eraser or your pencil. The best thing about Jansport is that it is very affordable thus every student can afford getting one. It will also save you bucks in purchasing new bag next school year. If you want to get away from the hassles buying in stores you have the option to get one online. You will still have countless f selection you can choose from.

What Customers Say About JanSport Big Student Backpack?

Many customers comment on how long they last.  They usually last for years and can be used from high school throughout college.
The negative comments are far outweighed by all the positive comments.  One mother of four boys said she wouldn’t buy any other backpack as this one has proven to be reliable and durable throughout the years.  Another customer said his lasted for 10 years while traveling the world.  There weren’t any holes in it—it was just starting to look old and he wanted a newer looking one.
If you have one of the older bags – check out the newer ones. They now have water bottle holders and cellphone pockets.  These were added because of customers requests. It seems that JanSport listened and provided.
Many people agree that the bag is not too big and not too small and is greatly appreciated by highly organized people. JanSport Big Student Backpack are so sturdy and hold up so well that you can often find them for resale on eBay.

1. JanSport Big Student Backpack – School, Travel, or Work Bookbag with 15-Inch Laptop Compartment

Customer reviews

JanSport Big Student Backpack is made from 100% polyester. With zipper closure it gives you a durable protection. It gives you a 14.5 “shoulder drop which protects your shoulders from any kind of discomfort. It is very easy to clean, you can only wash it by hand.

This backpack is made with partially recycled materials and will help you manage with two spacious main compartments, a separate padded 15 “laptop compartment, a side water bottle pocket, and three front zipper pockets. Designed for

The JanSport big student backpack’s enduring popularity comes in a variety of colors and styles to choose from, with plenty of space design for books, water bottles, laptops, and sports equipment; Made for men, women, students and college students.

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that you will find American tradition in backpacks. New generations in all ages have grown up and come to trust this trusted brand. Students and others have been exploring school, work, road trips, leisure, freedom, and adventure for over 50 years.

JanSport Big Student Backpack is not just for college and school going students. Rather, JanSport gear affects the journey from your first school bag and lunch bag to the messenger bag for your first interview, from running errands to pursuing dreams.

2- JanSport Big Student Backpack – 15-inch Laptop School Pack

Customer reviews

Made from 100% imported polyester, this backpack comes with a lifetime warranty. Keep your JanSport Big Student Backpack with confidence, because you can change or repair your backpack for free in case of any problem.

JanSport backpacks are made to reflect your style with durable fabrics, zippers, and straps of colors and designs.You can hang this backpack on the shoulder and carry it in your hand. This way the backpack can carry you in three ways.

The simple and easy design of this backpack is that you get 2 spacious compartments, 15 “laptop sleeve, front utility pocket with organizer and a water bottle pocket on one side.JanSport Big Student Backpack can be used on a daily basis for college students, as well as for hiking and trip purposes.

Something for Everyone

The JanSport Big Student Backpack will brighten up the day of any student — it comes in dozens and dozen of bold, fun colors and designs.  There really is something for everyone — just check out the four pictures above for examples. 

But make sure you pick one you like because this backpack will last you many years.

Here is what one real life user had to say about their JanSport Big Student Backpack:

The Big Student JanSport Back Pack is a very durable bag.  It’s a very comfortable fitting bag and it has numerous pockets that you can fit all of your materials in.  It even has a pocket for your Ipod and for your water bottle.  Cool.   

It will last you a long time. I should know because every single bag that I have bought has ripped on me.  But this one still hasn’t broken on me yet and I carry a lot of books.

The back pack is huge. It is lightweight.  It is very practical and really cool looking, so I will use it for a long, long time. I love that JanSport will fix it if we have troubles. I love that the bag is light, yet has many pockets and is very strong.  Buy yourself one NOW!

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